Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poem A Day Challenge for National Poetry Month April 2012

I have been following a PAD Challenge this month. Thought I would share one of the poems I completed. Also linking it to Open Link Night at Dverse Poets. Hope you like it!

In the Forest

In the forest shadows coat the floor.
Heed her jugular.
In the forest trees pulse
root to leaf.
The bough shudders,
leaf flutter breaks time.
The sparrows are agape with gossip.

In comes the rake--
his stalk threatens
the musty pillow bed.
Her vein leaks juice,
sticky and finely scented
with a century of tree breath.
It trickles the path like a secret.

Tired of the melody
the birds break broken twigs to nest,
sleep, along the steep path
stony with roots that jut like bones,
out of sorts and gray.
The wood is dry today
and every breath rustles
the trees.


Brian Miller said...

i really like that third stanza...almost a poem itself...and i love the natural elements...the veiled intimacy in the second stanza is nice as well...

wandered above the mist said...

Loved it. Felt like I was walking through the woods.

Charles Miller said...

This conveys a great sense of oneness and human task. It is as though human endeavor and natural process merge and blend into a landscape of wholeness.

Khara House said...

Love this! Such lovely language. The line "Heed her jugular" just completely stopped me for so long.

Rachel Sahaidachny said...

Thanks for the comments.